Utah Shelter Systems - Because Survival Is The Highest Priority

Home: 2.5 acres; 2,000 sq ft, 3-4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, vaulted ceilings, 2 car garage, pitched metal roof, horse facilities overlooking the mountains and city. Located in excellent school district, in boundary for the only blue ribbon school in NM for academic excellence. Great home in a great location with all the safety and security one could ask for.

Shelter: Provides Premiere Protection from any possible scenario –radiation, winds in excess of 400 mph, EMP, Flooding, Solar Flare, Earthquakes.

Built in May 2011 and installed in a regarded Safe Zone of the US.

Additional amenities were added after shelter installation: two concrete entrance/exit buildings fully encased in faraday cages that are concrete reinforced with rebar, protecting the doors to the underground shelter.

Shelter is set for “On the Grid” conveniences such as cold & hot water for shower and sink, and real toilet that flushes to septic. Wired for Direct TV with Internet access, as it remains available. Also ready to fully function off the grid at any time, with barrels of drinking water, $12,000 rechargeable battery backup system, 2 Honda generators to recharge battery system & plenty of gasoline to run the generators anytime.

Completely compliant with all city codes & ordinances, with all permits granted.

Interested, pre-qualified parties, please contact Steve at sstribling4@msn.com for further details and contact information for seller.


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Home With NBC Shelter


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