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About Our Blast Doors

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Utah Shelter Systems has two options available for sealing off your shelter. Both give excellent protection against , blast, fire and NBC effects.

Horizontal Shelter Doors

Our steel hatch is designed to be installed horizontally and surrounded with a concrete collar. Opening and closing are assisted by spring-loaded shock absorbers to prevent uncontrolled descent.  The frame is 12 inches deep, with the inside opening dimensions of 31” X 31”.  The door leaf is 3/8 inches thick with a 1 ½” overlap all around the opening and is re-enforced with 3 inch square tubing for stiffness.  Hinges are hand made from ¾” steel plate and are mounted internally to avoid damage from blast, flying debris, and vandals.  The lock hasp is removable from the inside for self-rescue. 

Because of its horizontal orientation to a blast wave and debris, this design avoids reflected overpressure and direct insult from flying debris. (Doors of vertical orientation must be made several times stronger to resist the reflected overpressure they attract).  An armored protective pocket is welded to the outside of the leaf to protect the external lock from weapons effects and folks with undesirable social skills.  [Door leaf can be ordered in stainless steel to prevent torching at greatly increased cost.]  Weight: 600lbs.

Vertical Shelter Doors

For concrete shelters, the Swiss PT Armored Door series is an excellent choice.  These vertical configured doors are available in single-leaf and double-leaf formats, and in several sizes.  They are all designed to be cast into the wall during construction (they cannot be bolted in later as a retro-fit).  The door leaf is approximately 8 inches thick with two curtains of re-enforcement rod welded inside. The door/frame assembly must be cast into the concrete wall and allowed to cure for two weeks. After the cure time has expired, a wooden frame is placed over both sides of the leaf and the interior is then filled with concrete.   The door leaf may be opened and stripped after 3 days of cure.

The door leaf has concrete fill holes in both ends to permit right/left hand placement.  Be sure to block holes in the bottom of the door leaf before filling with concrete.  The supporting wall must have a minimum thickness of 10-inches. Please allow 4 weeks shipping time to avoid impacting your construction schedule.  Blast protection rating: 3 bar [nuclear], 30 bar [conventional HE ordnance]. These doors will defeat a 500lb. MK82 demolition bomb exploding 12 feet away.

© 1987 - 2014 Utah Shelters Inc. All rights reserved.