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Seldom do all members of a family have the same levels of concern, and it is sometimes frustrating to justify these protective measures to those we care about the most.

We have been asked, numerous times, to expound on the following statements that have been genuinely made by others:

  1. I would not want to be the only one to survive.
  2. I may not be at home when I need the shelter.
  3. There are no more “real” threats to our country.
  4. The government will take care of us.

The following  is our response to these concerns:

1.  I would not want to be the only one to survive:

Our Answer:

According to the worst-case scenario forecasts prepared by the Department of Defense in 2002, the short-term casualties that would be derived from a full onslaught nuclear attack (Russia and / or China) would approximate 30% - 35% of our population with and additional 30% - 35% of our population dying over the following 6-8 weeks from starvation, dehydration, disease, inclement weather, contamination, attack, etc.  In this forecasted worst case, 30% of our citizens would survive to start over and rebuild our country.  At 290,000,000 people and growing, this means that almost 100,000,000 Americans would survive. Yes, we would be starting over and it would be hard at times.  We would be living in a 3rd world country for a period of time.  But, unlike our pioneer ancestors, we still have the knowledge and information from before, to build upon. 

2.  I may not be at home when I need my shelter.

Our answer:

Government war strategists are in agreement that a full-scale nuclear attack would most probably occur during the night or early morning or during a national holiday.  ‘Night time’ in America is ‘Day time’ in the countries of our most likely enemies.  Our enemies would want to strike while we were asleep. 

Most people do not work or live in the vicinity of prime targets, providing time for them to return to their shelters in the event of a full-scale nuclear or terrorist attack.

People who have prepared shelters are aware of their surroundings and in tune to escalating crises and the warning signs They have also pre-planned expedient sheltering capabilities and evacuation routes. 

Find more information in About NBC Effects.

3.  There are no “real” threats from which we need to be protected.  Russia and China are our friends.  The cold war is over.  The government has the terrorists under control.

Our answer:           

We have been preparing and building shelters for over 21 years, but we are continually amazed at the number of people who don’t recognize or believe that any “real” threats exist.  Upon further questioning we most often find that the vast majority of these people do not read a daily newspaper nor watch a daily news broadcast.  They are consumed with sporting events and spend their money on useless toys.

Many people refuse to consider the possibility of an attack, because they believe nuclear war is not survivable.   If there is nothing one can do, one tends to do nothing.  They receive all their information from the media, which consistently tells them this is true.  If we can educate these people to the real and fundamental effects of nuclear weapons, they may see that nuclear war is, in fact, very survivable and prepare accordingly.

Find more information in About NBC Effects.   

4.  The government will take care of us.

Our Answer:

There is a wide spread misconception that public shelters exist throughout the country.   Some countries, such as Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, North Korea, China and Russia have provided shelters for a good portion of their population. It has been estimated by American strategists that about 30% of the population of the world have radiation and blast shelters.   Russia has constructed  multiple  underground industrial communities. Switzerland, has provided 100% of their population with hardened NBC shelters.  

Our own government has provided hardened underground facilities for high ranking government officials and their families as well as for our critical mission personnel.

My family members are my ‘critical mission personnel’.   Where are the shelters for my family?  The answer to this question is that we, as citizens, have not been willing to demand this level of protection for ourselves, nor have we been willing to be taxed to this level of protection.   Legislation providing shelters will not occur until we demand it.  Current localized disasters have proven that our government is there to assist us, but not to save us in widespread emergencies.  More and more Americans are awakening to the reality that the world has become a dangerous place, and as a result, they are purchasing shelters for themselves and their loved ones.

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The government’s answer to providing for the common defense of the country is in the policy of deterrence.  Deterrence is not defense.  The concept of deterrence by ‘Mutual Assured Destruction’ is a misnomer. This form of deterrence exists only if neither side can defend themselves against weapons of mass destruction and both sides have equal numbers of offensive type weapons. Russia has both passive defense in the form of shelters, and active defense in the form of anti-ballistic missiles.  America has neither.  Further frustrating this policy is the fact that Russia continues to modernize every aspect of their strategic nuclear arsenal while we are dismantling our own. Our government has identified 28 terrorist organizations that have no country of claim.  Deterrence against these terrorist organizations does not exist because there is no country to target or threaten with a retaliatory strike.  Our government has identified seven terrorist nations. Deterrence against 3rd world terrorist nations does not exist either, because the government leaders of those nations do not value the lives of their own citizens.

Mutual assured destruction (MAD) was never formerly accepted as government policy, but for the past 40 years, the concept has driven most all of our national defense decisions.  Most everyone now agrees, however, that deterrence is no longer a viable concept.  The greatest defense against modern day threats, in our opinion, is a strong national NBC shelter program and a nationwide anti-ballistic missile shield.

Assessing Your Risk

Most people consider the risk of a nuclear attack to be very small.  No such attack has ever occurred in our country, therefore, they consider the probability of such an event to be near zero.  Keep in mind, however, that a true risk assessment must consider both probability and consequence.

 Most of our national security strategists agree that the possibility of a nuclear attack from terrorist countries and organizations grows daily.  The technology is well known and the nuclear fuel for such weapons is available on the ‘black market’. China and North Korea have made veiled nuclear threats against our borders; terrorist organizations claim to have ‘suitcase bombs’; and Russia and China continue to modernize every aspect of their strategic nuclear arsenal. Edward Teller, the father of the Hydrogen Bomb, recently said, “Every day we go without a nuclear terrorist attack is a gift”.  The probability of a nuclear event is greater than most people think.

The consequences of a nuclear attack, in loss of human life and collateral damage, would be huge.  The relatively few lives lost in the U.S. from hurricanes, flood, or the recent 9/11 terrorist attack would pail to the tens of millions of lives lost from a potential nuclear attack.   When multiplying both the growing probability factor, with the huge consequence factor, we see a resulting risk that is very large.  We believe this assessment easily justifies the expense and effort of installing hardened NBC shelters.

There are certain classes of facilities that attract nuclear warheads in the first rounds of an attack.  Obviously, any facility connected with America’s nuclear forces will be brought under attack in the first salvo including ICBM fields and launch control facilities, command and control centers such as NORAD in Colorado Springs, and the Air Force command center in Omaha.  Air Force bases hosting long-range bombers, refueling/tanker aircraft, and continental air defense fighter aircraft are obvious first tier targets.  Here’s where it gets a little more interesting.  ANY AIRPORT WITH A RUNWAY CAPABLE OF HANDLING COMMERCIAL JET AIRCRAFT (737,757,767,777 ) would be a recipient of at least one nuclear warhead, most likely fused to burst at or near the ground so as to crater the runway, or at least heave gobs of contaminated material onto and around the runway.  Strategists plan this to deny recovery of any surviving bomber or tankers.  Any city of more than 200,000 population will most likely have runways of this length, nearby.  The resulting fallout will kill many thousands of citizens and military personnel.  Blast and fire will be a factor for a radius of 6 to 12 miles depending on weapon yield, weather, height of burst, etc. Be aware that weapons and delivery systems malfunction and can miss the intended target (but inevitably hit someone else).  Also remember that a “rain-out” can occur increasing the gamma dose-rate by a factor of ten or more, (possibly 10,000 rads per hour) effectively killing everyone in the local area not shielded with an earth cover more than 5 feet thick.
A correctly designed and installed shelter will effectively protect the health of its occupants in this environment, and will do so within one-half mile of the center of the detonation.  In addition, the sheltered will be relatively comfortable, not just alive.