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(Other sizes available upon request)

Complete Shelter Price:


8 x 32  - $51,800  

8 x 40   - $54,200  

8 x 50   - $57,200 


9 x 32   - $56,620 

9 x 40   - $59,500

9 x 50   - $63,100  


10 x 32 - $58,060   

10 x 40 - $61,100 

10 x 50 - $64,900 

Complete Shelter Includes: Shelter tank in 12 gauge corrugated steel; End plates; Entrance stubs; one 36-inch and one 48-inch diameter entrance with elbows and horizontal and vertical runs; annular bands and gaskets; two hardened blast doors; 6-inch diameter steel intake and exhaust air-vents to surface; two ladders; complete furniture grade floor system with removable center panels; AC & DC wiring system with DC light fixtures; gray water drain; blast hardened ANDAIR VA 150 air ventilation and filtration unit (177 cfm unfiltered & 88 cfm filtered) blast valves, hoses, air metering device; white paint on inside surface of shelter body; two double bunks (4 beds); two single bunks (2 beds), battery riack, 8 ft. cabinet space.



A 50% deposit is required, to place all shelter orders.  Transport and installation are NOT included with the price of the shelter. The remainder of the order price is due at the time of the completion of the shelter, and before transport.   Shelters require up to 6 weeks for construction.  You are welcome to inspect your shelter before delivery.

(All furniture comes unpainted, ready to finish. All bunks come with hinged tops with five-inch deep storage area for personal items).

Single bunks, $350 each:
Additional single bunks may be purchased. These bunks fit nicely across from each other in a kitchen area.  When not in use for sleeping, they allow for seating on either side of a fold-down table.

Double bunks-$450 each:
Additional double bunks may be purchased. Double Bunks come stacked 22 inches apart with an overhead shelf and generous storage area under each bunk for personal storage.

Storage shelves (8 ft)-$350 each

Kitchen sink/counter- $4,550.00:
Includes counter,cabinets, sink, plumbing, 12 volt water pump, box drain and gate valve. Sixteen feet, total, of counter space.

ANDAIR (LUWA) AIR VENTILATION & FILTRATION SYSTEMS: Made in Switzerland, to the Swiss military standards.

The Swiss exchange rate is fluctuating, so please check prices before ordering. Prices are shown in Swiss Francs. We will quote you an exchange rate before you order in American dollars.

VA40 (1-13 people)

NBC Survivor

24 cfm fresh air

Billows type

12 cfm filtered


4'600 chf

3'450 chf

VA75 (14-25 People)

VA75 (no gas filter)

88 cfm fresh air 44 cfm filtered air

5'600 chf

3'200 chf

VA150 1 bar (26-50 People)

VA150 1 bar (no filter)

VA150 3 bar

176 cfm fresh air 88 cfm filtered air

6'300 chf

3'200 chf

6'900 chf

Other sizes available upon request.
Prices for all above items include shipping to your nearest international airport. There are no hidden costs.
Prices do not include installation.

Delivery via airfreight from Switzerland is approximately 3 weeks.  Allow time for items to clear customs before taking delivery.  We will inform you several days before delivery.

All ANDAIR products are manufactured in Switzerland under the directives of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Defense.  All ventilation systems have both hand crank and AC electrical function.  Rated to 1 bar (15-psi).  All units can upgrade to 45 psi for an additional $550. The ANDAIR products are equialent in every way to Lunor products, and are made to the same specifications. We have upgraded the 1 bar system exhaust valve to a 3 bar system (at the quoted price for the 1 bar system above), as we have found the 3 bar valve to be superior to the 1 bar valve in both ANDAIR and LUNOR systems.

Includes: ventilator; crank handle; emergency light; cover; rubber hoses; chemical/biological gas filter; intake and exhaust blast valves.

Local taxes have not been included.

1.  VA150 Complete:  (1.14.017)
Provides 300 m3/h (176.6 cfm) unfiltered or 150 m3/h (88.2 cfm) filtered air.  Includes electric motor, hand crank handle, gas filter (GF150), hoses, couplers, emergency light, air intake explosion protection valve with pre-filter (ESV/VF 75/150), and air exhaust explosion protective valve (UV/ESV 75/150).

2.  GF150 Gas Filter: (1.05.020)
Provides filtered air volume of 150 m3/h (88.3 cfm)

3.  ESV/VF 75/150 Air Intake Blast Valve: (
Air intake explosion protection valve with pre-filter, for either VA75 or VA150.  

4.  UV/ESV  75/150 Air Exhaust Blast Valve: (
Air exhaust explosion protection valve for either VA75 or VA150.


Please call for current pricing on the PT and PD series ANDAIR doors. The dollar is rapidly falling (Swiss Francs rising) and it is difficult to keep up with the changes.

There is a "knockoff" design of the Swiss made PT doors, by a company in the United States with a similar name to ours. Their doors are far inferior (though priced near the same) to the Swiss made ANDAIR and LUNOR doors. Their doors have not been blast tested, and their hinges are far too small and weak to properly bear the weight of the concrete fill. Buyer beware.

Our UT1 door was designed, many years ago, by Utah Shelter Systems. It too, has been counterfitted by the above company. We cannot guarantee that their hatch doors are made to the same fine standards and quality control that we have been known for.

PT1- 3'900 chf

80 cm x 185 cm x 20 cm (31” x 72” x 8”)

PT2 - 4'600 chf 100 cm x 185 cm x 20 cm (39" x 72" x 8")
PD - 3'230 chf 60 cm x 80 cm x 20 cm (24” x 31 ” x 8”)
UT1 - $3,300 32" x 32" opening (horizontal placement)

Other sizes available upon request.

PT and PD series doors are vertical doors designed and manufactured in Switzerland for concrete shelters.  They are blast tested and built to Swiss army standards. They are steel framed, ready to be filled with concrete.  The dooor frame has been designed to be poured into the concrete wall of the shelter. 

All ANDAIR PT series doors arrive via airfreight from Switzerland. Delivery time from Switzerland is approximately 3 weeks.  Allow time for items to clear customs before taking delivery. We will inform you when your order is ready. Price includes all transport, handling to your nearest international airport.


1.  PT1 Armored Door (1.20.0161)

2.  PT2 Armored Door (1.20.0162)

3.  SBV Self Rescue Device for PT1 & PT2 doors (1.20.020)

4.  PD Small Armored door (1.20.019)
Used for emergency exit




Quoted price includes transport to your nearest international airport. We can quote an additional price from the airport to your job site.

Includes:   Hatch (32” x 32” inside dimensions); spring-loaded, shock dampened internal lift assist; removable locking hasp (for self rescue); internal hinges.  

Constructed for steel shelter entrances with horizontal placement.

The UT1 steel doors are constructed in Utah.  All orders require a 50% deposit, and payment before delivery.  We often keep these doors in stock.  If so, delivery is less than one week.  If we must build the doors, we may need a 3-week lead-time.

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