About Utah Shelter Systems

About Us

UTAH SHELTER SYSTEMS manufactures and equips multi-hazard home and corporate shelters. The company also offers consultation in the production of concrete shelters and the re-furbishing and updating of existing shelters.

Utah Shelter Systems is owned and managed by Paul Seyfried and Sharon Packer. Paul and Sharon have been building shelters since 1986, and incorporated Utah Shelter Systems in 1998. The shelters can be constructed of either corrugated steel or steel plate and can withstand blasts up to the 150 psi range. Each shelter is customized to your size requirements, individual needs, and the potential threat to your location. The shelters are manufactured in North Salt Lake, Utah and transported throughout the entire United States and Canada.

Sharon and Paul also own the company, ANDAIR USA.  And are the United States distributors of the Swiss made Luwa of Andair AG located in Andelfingen Switzerland. This company provides ventilation systems, blast valves, air filtration systems, and chemical biological protection for home, corporate, military and government facilities.


Paul is a graduate of the Missouri Military Academy and attended the New Mexico Military Institute. He attended classes at the National Emergency Training Center in Emitsburg, Pennsylvania. Paul and Sharon have lectured widely throughout Utah and the United States. They have given lectures at the Brigham Young University, and Sharon taught a National Securities Affairs class in 1993 at the University of Utah. Paul has 25 years’ experience working in a local aerospace firm.

Sharon graduated with a master’s degree in nuclear engineering in 1993 from the University of Utah. She also has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a minor in physics. She is a ham radio operator and for several years acted as the regional nuclear weapons effects trainer for MARS (the air-force arm of amateur radio). Sharon is the currently a board member of the 'The American Civil Defense Association' ('TACDA').

Paul and Sharon are also the founders of the non-profit organization, Civil Defense Volunteers of Utah (CDVU). CDVU was founded in 1987 and the organization has been providing information about civil defense skills to the general public for nearly 20 years. This organization, now under the direction of the current president Jay Whimpey, holds monthly meetings free of charge to the public at the City and County building in Salt Lake City, where the instructors teach nuclear weapons effects, winter survival, first aid, shelter building techniques, and many other subjects pertaining to preparedness. For more information on establishing civil defense volunteer groups, contact The American Civil Defense Organization (TACDA) at 801-501-0077.